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How can a deceased owner sign a RoE to participate in the free Maui Wildfire Debris Removal program?

My ʻohana’s home burned down in the Lahaina wildfire. The property is owned by me and my deceased sibling. I want to sign up for the free Maui Wildfire Debris Removal program, but the county needs all owners to sign the Right-of-Entry Permit. What do I do? Do I have to participate in the debris removal program? By Liʻulā Christensen, NHLC Senior Staff Attorney The government debris removal program provides owners of homes lost in the Maui wildfires with debris removal paid for by FEMA and any insurance earmarked for debris removal. If there is no insurance, then the program ...

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NHLC represents Kalaeloa Heritage and Legacy Foundation in successful negotiations to lease Kalaeloa Heritage Park

At 91-1940 Coral Sea Road, between Ewa Beach and Kapolei on Oʻahu, is Kalaeloa Heritage Park (the Park). The Park is comprised of more than 11 acres containing over 177 recorded cultural sites including a heiau, habitation sites and pre-Western contact burials. The cultural structures are unique, constructed of coral and may have Tahitian origin based on the construction methods used. For years, the lands were held by the Federal Government as a part of Barber’s Point Naval Air Station. After the station was closed in 1999, the Federal Government returned the park lands to the State, and the lands ...

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Ask NHLC: Kuleana Lands

I found records in OHA’s Kīpuka Database that my ancestor was awarded, and owned, kuleana lands. I am a direct descendant and want to reclaim ownership of these lands. What do I do next? By Liʻulā Kotaki, NHLC Staff Attorney Discovering our kūpuna’s connections to ʻāina in public records is exciting. These records can raise questions about who legally owns the parcel of land today. If you’re not sure, the next step is to research the chain of title – or complete history of ownership – since the land was awarded. The records that you found are likely a Land ...

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Ask NHLC: Personal Representatives

My father passed away and my brother has been designated as personal representative for his estate. Does that mean he will get our family ʻāina? I had the power of attorney for our dad before he died. Am I supposed to be the personal representative? By Liʻulā Christensen, NHLC Senior Staff Attorney When a loved one passes away and the ʻohana is determining how to settle their loved one’s estate, often someone needs the legal authority to inventory, maintain, and distribute that person’s property and assets, called their estate, to those legally entitled to it, including heirs and creditors. For ...

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