Four NaHHA cultural panelists sitting on a stage in front of an audience.

Rep. Darius Kila (far left), Breann Huʻuhiwa of Dentons International Law (left), Makalika Naholowaʻa of Native Hawiian Legal Corporation (right) and Zachary Lum of Kāhuli Leo Leʻa (far right) sit on the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association's culture panel on Oct. 27, 2023. Courtesy of NaHHA.

Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation’s Executive Director, Makalika Naholowaʻa, was a part of the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association’s (NaHHA) fifth annual Ka Huina convention as a panelist on cultural intellectual property. Moderated by Hawaii Representative Darius Kila, Naholowaʻa joined Breann Huʻuhiwa of Dentons International Law and Zachary Lum of Kāhuli Leo Leʻa to discuss the ARTIST Act, cultural intellectual property, and regenerative tourism. 

Currently, Native Hawaiian artisans are not protected under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA). The ARTIST Act being considered by Congress would change that, among other amendments to the IACA.  

In this talk, Naholowaʻa, Huʻuhiwa and Lum provide insight on the ARTISTS Act, and other efforts to advance awareness of and protections for Native Hawaiian cultural and intellectual property. To learn more about Native Hawaiian cultural intellectual property, watch the full panel discussion hosted by NaHHA on their Ka Huina 2023 webpage.

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