Ceded Lands Trust

Enforcing Trust Obligations

NHLC provides legal services to confront the problems facing Native Hawaiians, including the threatened loss of their ancestral lands, the unfulfilled-promises made by state and federal government to hold Hawaiian land in trust for their betterment, and the preservation of their indigneous way of life which includes traditional means of resolving disputes (ho’oponopono or peacemaking).

NHLC works to obtain full benefits for Native Hawaiians, who are beneficiaries of the ceded lands trust established in Hawai`i’s Admission Act and recognized in the Hawai`i State Constitution. In the nineteenth century, the Hawaiian monarchy set aside over a million acres of land for the benefit of the chiefs and the people. These lands were ceded to the United States when Hawaii was annexed. The United States transferred control of these lands to the State of Hawaii when it was admitted to the Union, subject to certain conditions. Chief among these conditions was the requirement that these ceded trust lands be used for the betterment of the conditions of Native Hawaiians. NHLC plays an important role in holding state government officials accountable for their trust obligations to Native Hawaiians.

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Sharla Manley

Of Counsel Lāhui Services

Ashley Obrey, Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation Senior Staff Attorney

Ashley Obrey

Senior Staff Attorney Lāhui Services


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